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we should stop doing this

25 April 1991
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a separate peace, albert einstein, alfred schnittke, american gods, bach sonatas and partitas, batman, batman and robin, billy boyd, brokeback mountain, calculators, cheese, chevelle, classical, comics, constantine, crossfade, css, death note, digimon, dir en grey, dmitri shostakovich, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, environment, fanfiction, faramir, fight club, firefly, flogging molly, franz liszt, frederic chopin, fuel, gay marriage, german, giovanni's room, good omens, harry potter, hellblazer, hobbits, howl's moving castle, html, igor stravinsky, ill nino, japanese, jimmy eat world, johann sebastian bach, johannes brahms, jonny mcgovern, kreutzer, lawrence of arabia, lord of the rings, ludwig van beethoven, manga, master and commander, math, maus, meriadoc brandybuck, my own private idaho, naruto, national treasure, neil gaiman, neverwhere, niccolo paganini, ninjas, peregrin took, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, programming, ragad, rammstein, recommendations, remus lupin, requiem, reservoir dogs, romeo and juliet, runaways, saiyuki, schism, seether, serenity, sergei prokofiev, shakespeare, shonen ai, sirius black, slash, slipknot, smile empty soul, soulima stravinsky, staind, stardust, swords, the all american rejects, the ataris, the boondock saints, the brothers grimm, the dark is rising, the getbackers, the matrix, the shoebox project, the soft pink truth, therion, thrice, thursday, tom stoppard, tool, violin, web design, wolf's rain, wolfgang amadeus mozart, x-men, xanga, youkai world reclamation, young avengers